♡ rare skin + spawning rares ♡ MSP 2021

Moviestarplanet Glitch

Moviestarplanet Glitch

Starcoins and Diamonds HACK

hi! remember which in doing the spawn glitch you’ll be purchasing for the price of the rares, not the items. ^^

also together with this sad music is not it … gonna have to put something fun in my next one lmao

us: jjongs

d5b7a8 (used in vid)

1 color: “summer have to haves” shorts (19462)
2 colors: “freckles” in top tab (19045)
3 colors: “cute treasure” top (19414)
4+ colors: “woodlands girl” hair (18732)

clown: 1250
hearts fake tattoo: 1456
rose stickers: 1455
mermaid fake tattoo: 1451
japanese buns: 1214
bow-dacious babe: 1577
power puff top (vip): 1674
cute bow shoes: 1201
stripeys: 1473
twin hearts: 1620
michael jackson: 1258
basic haircut (boys, even works for girls): 1212
fries ‘n’ popcorn: 6565
so incredible: 9953
flower tiara: 10130
loose scarf: 1509
easter mask: 6223
christmas skirt: 1475
stars tattoo: 1453
lips top: 1278
curly girl: 71
french fried love (earrings): 8053
bling the year in (hat): 4485
pink bird (boys, even works for girls): 79
doll pony: 72
balloon hair (vip): 11417
punk placebo (boys, even works for girls): 1210
deer antlers: 2570
sarah jessica: 1273
stitch top: 1075
cupid dress: 9770
el toro: 1251

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If you truly need diamonds, test MovieStarPlanet Hack together with Moviestarplanet Glitch.

Ich habe einen Fame Glitch gefunden und möchte ihn mit euch Teilen wenn es euch geholfen hat würde ich mich sehr über ein Abo, Daumen nach oben und ein Kommentar freuen x3

MSP NAME: Einhorn Ferry Youtube
Insta Name: Ferry_MSP

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