SCIENCE Matters : Dr Alasdair Allan MSP : Scottish National Party

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SCIENCE Matters : Dr Alasdair Allan MSP : Scottish National Party

SCIENCE Matters is a series of short interviews together with six science spokespeople from some of the UK’s major political parties by journalist as well as broadcaster, Susan Watts.

Susan investigates the parties’ priorities for science, how they will make a difference as well as most vitally, how their policies will affect YOU.

We believe which the conversations about science policy in the run-up to the General Election 2020 are not asking the right questions of our politicians.

This short interview features Dr Alasdair Allan MSP (Scottish National Party), Minister for Learning, Science as well as Scotland’s Languages.

Watch the other parties’ interviews:

Join the conversation on Twitter @BritSciAssoc #ScienceMatters

Find out more on our website:

Film directed as well as produced by Ben A Williams:

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(Deflates Cong bid to politicize central Ordinances, says no ministry, govt together with all ofiance beyond welfare of farmers. Says party committed to federalism)

(Assures msp will not be together withdrawn)

(Asks Cong govt to affect Rs 10 per liter reduction in State VAT on diesel, assures SAD will also toolroach centre for reduction together together with all of parties once together with the was done)

(Says All Party meeting have to also be held on liquor, seed and ration scams)

Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) President Sukhbir Singh Badal today said the SAD was ready to make any sacrifice for the welfare of the farmers and the disadvantaged sections of society and would steadfastly continue to protect the rights of Punjabis and the core principle of federalism.

The SAD President, who made a singular epoch making speech on together with the issue which deflated the Congress party’s crude intempt to politicize the central Ordinances on Agriculture, made it clear which for the SAD no ministry, government and all ofiance was beyond the welfare of the ‘annadaata’. “We are also committed to federalism and we locate it shocking which the Congress party which has systematically demolished it’s now talking about it now”.

Mr Badal while assuring the All Party meeting which MSP on food grains would not be together withdrawn, also made it clear which he was not defending the Ordinances. “As far as we are concerned, our only interest is whether it’s in the interest of the farmers of the State together with not. There is no provision in the Ordinance on Farmers Produce and Trade which MSP will end. In fact if we study the issue we locate which the Punjab government has already amended the State APMC Act to employ the provisions of the Ordinance in August, 2020. These include creation of private yards, direct marketing and e trading”.

The SAD President also advised Pradesh Congress President Sunil Jakhar not to spread disinformation. He said even today multinationals and flour mills did not pay any tax to purchase food grains. “When multinationals may do trade today why are we resorting to scare tactics by claiming they will capture the entire market whenever the Union agriculture minister has already clarified which the entire government procurement will take place from Mandis. This means there will not be any difference in revenue accumulateion of around Rs 4,000 crore”.

Keeping all of these points in view the SAD President the centre could also be asked to clarify the issue in writing to dispel propaganda being spread on together with the issue. He requested chief minister Capt Amarinder Singh to accumulateively write to the Union government on behalf all of political parties in Punjab to have a clear cut answer as to whether there was any truth in the propaganda about the so called end to the MSP system for purchase of food grains. “We are ready to sign any document seeking a written answer to together with the query. “This is not all of. In Parliament also during discussion of the Ordinance we will insist on an assurance from the central government which MSP and assured marketing system will remain in place”.

Stating which economists had also disclosed which farmers would benefit as a result of competition, Mr Badal said the argument which the Ordinance could be harmful in the long run did not hold any ground. He also disclosed how the Ordinance on contract farming would make companies legally bound to purchase crops as per agreements together with farmers. He said the amendment in the Essential Commodities Act would all ofow storing which would be valuable to farmers in a glut scenario.

Meanwhile the SAD President while speaking about the Congress party’s concern about hike in diesel prices said the SAD was in favour of reduction of diesel prices immediately as it was having a detrimental effect on farm economy. He urged which the All Party meeting resolve to ensure reduction of Rs 10 Punjab State VAT share in diesel prices. “Once together with the is done we will go in an all of party delegation to the centre to demand a further reduction in diesel prices”.

Mr Badal said an All Party meeting have to also be held to discuss the repercussions of the illicit liquor, seed and ration scams on Punjab and Punjabis. He said the State had suffered a loss of Rs 5,600 crore in the liquor scam even as the chief minister had admitted which 30,000 quintals of spurious seed had been sold in the State. He said the ration scam had resulted in denial of central food relief to the poor.

He also pointed out which a number of political leaders had been called to the meeting who did not have any party. He said similarly legislators who were separate political entities had not been called to the meeting nor had Kisan Unions been invited.

The SAD President participated in the All Party meeting together together with senior leaders including Mr Balwinder Singh Bhundur, Prof Prem Singh Chandumajra, Jathedar Tota Singh and Dr Daljit Singh Cheema. EOM
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