Msp Glitch

Msp Glitch

Starcoins and Diamonds HACK

Un Paratex also made a video on together with this (he’s on french MSP, and he is awesome!- check him out)
I swear, these glitches have weirder by the day…
Sorry for the swearing xD
Beware 2020: Stay safe, aware, change your pass frequently, and contact a hacker hunter if you have issues! Beware 2020 MSP Trailer (NEED to see) –

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🖤 nagrywam i montuje – oCam&Wondershare Filmora🖤

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Konta BlockStarPlanet:

Zapraszam do subskrycji kanału ♥


MSP Exploit

MSP Exploit

Starcoins and Diamonds HACK

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MovieStarPlanet VIP Cheats [MSP-X v1.22] : StarCoins, Fame, Diamonds & More!

Moviestarplanet Cheats

Moviestarplanet Cheats

Starcoins and Diamonds HACK

MovieStarPlanet Cheats for VIP : (

MovieStarPlanet has kept millions of players entertained, such as myself! Unfortunately, like all of fantastic online game developers, they became additional interested in cash than maintaining online gamers happy… If your willing to spend cash, it will unlock exclusive items, online games, wallpapers as well as additional. Not to mention the special treatment all of V.I.P. members receive. I grew tired of not haveting the exact same benefits which players who spent cash received, as well as decided to do something about it! I developed the first working multi-hack client for MovieStarPlanet; I call it “MSP-X.”


– StarCoin Bot: Never run out of StarCoins again! Using private exchange sites this bot will make StarCoins without you having to do anything! The bot is set to watch movies automatically, as well as you’ll make 10 SC/per movie.

– Fame Booster: Easily enhance your fame to the level of your choice! Simply select among your movies, as well as our system of +5000 bots will begin watching it! Each view is worth 200 Fame Points so you’ll be a Legendary Movie Star in no time!

– V.I.P. Upgrade: Each week they hold a contest for V.I.P. updates as well as award multiple members, but we have found an exploit to acquire every time! Receive exclusive V.I.P. clothes, furniture, music, backgrounds, as well as additional all of without spending any cash!

– Item Unlocker: Don’t let different players show off items you’ll be able to’t purchase! Use our unlocking tool as well as receive any item of your choice! We update our list with new items within hours of them being released, so you’ll never be without again!

– Game Unlocker: It’s never fair whenever we are excluded from online games, especially great titles such as “Feed The Panda”, “StickyLinky”, “Pet Party” as well as different V.I.P. exclusive online games! Now everyone can experience the fun using our online game unlocker to play any online game you select!

– Stealth Client: We have encrypted our program in 32-AYZ encryption keys to may sure it’s totally undetectable. All of our bots even have a fixed rate to make sure your accounts are NEVER put at risk!

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Jak grać na koncie Pixi Star (i innych) : Cheat Engine MovieStarPlanet

Wielka tajemnica rozwiązana, sposób jest już u moderacji, a po tym filmie pewnie będzie wysyp poradników jak to zrobić, więc bawcie się póki możecie, bo niedługo to naprawią.

Linki do pobrania:
Bluestacks (działa też na noxie) :
Cheat Engine nie podaje ze względu na regulaminy

1 : MovieStarPlanet
3 : Pixi
4 : Zac
5 i 6 Claus i ten drugi
admin : 1755
Moderator030 : 103116 : bez plakietki
Moderator002 : 98903 : bez plakietki
Moderator062 : 688227 : bez plakietki
Moderator066 : 6663435
Moderator134 : 30960301
Moderator008 : 9192644
Moderator005 : 4940304
pirat (extra) : 279
mermaid (extra) : 274
monster (extra) : 425
shedevil (extra) : 416
football (extra) : 417
queen (extra) : 275

Inova : Disowned

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Moviestarplanet Cheats

Moviestarplanet Cheats

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Jak robić unikaty (tylko cheat enginem)?! // STEVE MSP

Moviestarplanet Cheats

Moviestarplanet Cheats

Starcoins and Diamonds HACK

Działa to tylko na unikaty sezonowe

Cheat Engine:

Desou XYZ:

Włosy w sklepie:27063
Kody na uni:
(nie wszystkie działają)


turtle hair: 20082
light & electric hair: 18993
icy hair:18802
drip hair: 21469
kawaii Hair: 2044
Hair bun: 11786
Faux wear: 18629
Double the fun: 19164
Pearly bun: 19237
Best of Fundamentals: 18599
Striped Candy: 9413
Relaxed n sweet: 6059
Cute crop top: 10208
Party Shimmer: 5887
Party Glam: 7531
Sugar coated: 18407
Sleek Party: 11756
Sweet love (bow): 18430
Frozen cheeks: 15317
Winter cheeks: 7419
Happy new year!: 15591
Magic winter: 7402
All the new: 18639
In a hurry: 9459
Steady going: 12394
What year is it?: 18652
Wonderland girl: 16386
Pink wonderland: 16433
Party Doo: 18669
Shine Like New: 18651
Diamondzzzz!!!: 18648
Glitter Girl: 18618
Best dressed: 18616
Spring Bouquet: 16305
Bunny-Fly: 16404
Cute easter rare hair: 12401
duckies: 4772
cute top : 1583
pixi’s hair : 9868

Miss goldie: 15874
Flower Tiara: 10130
Let the Good Time Roll: 18310
Wicked Tails: 16387
Wet tressses: 8595
New years tresses: 18637
wonder fair: 6801
Messy bun: 10217
Salty Tresses: 6231
is this a dress with hair?: 9540
Center Part: 12654
Crop with sweater: 10209
shiny pants: 11776
witch hat: 9143
witch dress: 9118
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